«TRUDY NIIR» magazine


“TRUDY NIIR” – is one of the most recognized scientific publications concerning radio communications and radio broadcasting. The first collection of scientific articles was published the year NIIR was founded in 1949. During the past years the journal published hundreds of scientific articles dedicated to the results of research carried out.

“TRUDY NIIR” covers the most recent developments in the following areas:

• satellite communications;
• radio relay communications;
• television and TV broadcasting, satellite inclusive;
• radio broadcasting;
• antennas;
• radio wave propagation;
• XY-Temporal and navigation ware;
• control and measurements in communications technology;
• electromagnetic compatibility of radio facilities;
• mobile radio communications;
• technical and economic efficiency of communications systems and equipment.

The published articles represent great scientific and practical interest for specialists concerned with problems of radio technology, radio communications and radio broadcasting, as well as for instructors, post graduates and senior students of higher educational institutions and colleges, specializing in this field.

On the journal’s pages one can find relevant scientific articles and most recent information about research and developments carried out in NIIR and leading telecommunications and IT companies, the opinions of prominent experts about development problems and tendencies in telecommunications, analytical surveys, concept projects for the development of different sector of this industry.

NIIR’s specialists are chairing 8 study groups in the International Telecommunication Union in the Radio Communications Sector, Sector of Standardization and Development. Thanks to this in
“NIIR’s Proceedings” collection there are regular publications of first hand information about the activities of the ITU, its materials and most recent decisions.

In the result of international activities NIIR’s specialists publish articles containing the summary of world experience in key areas of radio communications and broadcasting technology.

Editor in chief: Dr. Valery Butenko


Key headings of the journal:

• information and communications technologies;
• digital TV and radio broadcasting;
• satellite communications and broadcasting systems;
• radio communications theory and technology.

Currently, the chief editor of “NIIR’s Proceedings” Collection is Mr. V.V. Butenko, NIIR FSUE Director General, Doctor of Technical Sciences.

gendirLaureate of the Russian Government Award, Doctor of Engineering Sciences

From 2003 till present he is at the NIIR. Since 2006 he is Director General, FSUE NIIR.

Dr. V. Butenko is a prominent scientist and highly qualified specialist in the field of information and radio communication technologies, one of the pioneers in the international and legal support for frequency and orbital assignments to complex radio electronic systems.

Dr. V. Butenko conducted a cycle of fundamental studies: scientific and engineering methodology for the international and legal support, computer-aided assessment techniques and interoperability support, solutions for multi-criterion tasks, distribution of limited resources, draft concept of radio spectrum re-farming for the Russian Federation.

Dr. V. Butenko has contributed a lot into development of scientific frameworks for a new class of radio systems – automated radio navigation dispatch control systems for mobile and fixed objects. He administered pioneering development of the unique domestic system of conditional access to television and radio broadcasting networks.

Dr. V. Butenko actively participates in scientific and social activities. He is the President of National Radio Association, Head of Radio and Information Technologies Department in Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT), and Head of Electromagnetic Compatibility and Radio Frequency Management Department in Moscow Technical University of Communications and Informatics (MTUCI).

Dr. V. Butenko is also greatly contributing to the work of National Communication Administration during Administrative and Plenipotentiary Conferences of International Telecommunication Union (ITU), CEPT and ITU Study Groups.

Dr. V. Butenko is the author of 202 scientific works including 3 monographs.

We will be happy to invite you to join the team of authors of our collection and, of course, your company to be among our permanent subscribers.

Subscription for “TRUDY NIIR” magazine

The collection of scientific articles “NIIR’s Proceedings” is quarterly edition.

The fee for a 6 months subscription is 600 rubles; for 12 months – 1200 rubles, including 18% VAT.
There is no retail selling of the collection.

You can subscribe through the editor’s office both as an institution and as an individual subscriber.

On questions of subscription, please apply to us : ori@niir.ru

Rates for placing advertisements in “TRUDY NIIR”


Inside front cover 40 000 rub.
Inside back cover 35 000 rub.
1/1 page 30 000 rub.
1/2 page 15 000 rub.
1/3 page 10 000 rub.
1/4 page 7 000 rub.


Editorial Board

A. BAGDASARYAN, Doctor of Engineering Sciences,
L. KANTOR, Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences,
M. KRIVOSHEEV, Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences,
M. LOKSHIN, Doctor of Engineering Sciences,
P. MIKHAILOV, Candidate of Engineering Sciences
V. SARYAN, Member of National Academy of Science of Armenia, Doctor of Engineering Sciences,
M. SPODOBAEV, Candidate of Engineering Sciences,
Y. TCHERNOV, Doctor of Engineering Sciences,
V. YUDIN, Doctor of Engineering Sciences


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Rules for submitting materials for publication in “TRUDY NIIR”

1. For publication in the collection of “NIIR’s Proceedings” materials are accepted, which are not intended for publication in other editions.

2. The submitted materials should contain:
• a critical review;
• an abstract;
• the respective index of the universal decimal literature classifier;
• title;
• name and initials;
• article text;
• list of literature;
• brief information about the authors, which contains contact numbers, last name, given name and patronymic (in full), academic title, job and place of work.

3. The article should be presented in electronic format MS* Word {* .doc) and one printed A4 copy, with font size 14, and one and a half line spacing.

4. When printing the text standard fonts are used – Times New Roman or Symbol.

5. The electronic file should be on a 3.5” floppy or optical CD.

6. The text should not exceed 12 pages.
Illustrations should be made in graphic editors as black and white graphic files in *.tiff, *.bmp, *.jpg formats with 300×300 resolution dpi. Illustrations can be included in the text file, bur they should also be presented in a separate file.

7. Terms and definitions, physical units used in the text should correspond to the effective State Standards.

8. The last page of the copy should bear the signatures of all authors.
Decision about the acceptance or rejection of the submitted to the editor’s office material is taken by the editorial board and is final.


All articles undergo a compulsory procedure of external reviewing.

1. The editor-in-chief (the deputy editor-in-chief) sent the article for the review to the associate editor (expert) dealing with issues of the reviewed material.

The term of article”s departure for the review – one week.

Reviewing term – one month.

The review has to contain:

• assessment of relevance and scientific level of work;

• the indication of the basic mistakes and inaccuracies allowed by the author;

• recommendations about their elimination;

• conclusions about expediency of publication of article in the presented look.

2. The copy of the review is sent to the author for revision; the corrected article (if necessary) is resent to the reviewer.

3. Upon receipt of a positive conclusion the editor-in-chief defines the section of the magazine in which article will be placed.

4. The notice of acceptance and approximate terms of the publication of article is sending to the author.

5. Upon receipt of a negative conclusion motivated refusal is sending to the author.

6. The editorial board can make the decision on publication of article out of turn.

7. Article adopted to the publication is sent to the editor. Editorial amendments will be surely coordinated with authors of article.


Address of the Editor’s Office of “TRUDY NIIR”

16 Kazakova st.
Moscow 105064
e-mail: ori@niir.ru